Townsville Flyers Inc.



Grumman Tiger for hire to Townsville pilots

·  Aircraft based at Donnington YDOP

·  VH-RTZ Cruises 120 kt on 36 Lph (2400 rpm). 

·  Is IFR equipped but Inst ADs not current so NVFR. 

·  Currently 'spats off' as operating off grass airstrip.

This is aircraft only, dry hire $110 per hour

·  Hirer pays landing, parking (other than YDOP), fuel etc.

· YDOP landing charges apply @ $5 per day, no limits on ops in one day

·  Pilot requirements.  Min 200 Hrs. 

·  Type check by Graeme Atchinson from Cleveland Bay Aviation.

Enquiries Dr Andrew Kerans 0439 209 250


Townsville City Council Sponsor

Co sponsor of the Townsville Flyers Inc.

ANZAC formation team &



Townsville Flyers is a not-for-profit sporting organisation set up to better enable people with interests in aviation in the Townsville area to meet other people with similar interests, or contact other clubs of similar interest.  Townsville Flyers Inc proactively encourage young people in Townsville to gain easier and better awareness of recreational and general aviation interests in the Townsville area.

The objects of the association are—

The establishment and operation of a community sports flying organisation for the purpose of:

(1)   Promoting the best interests in recreational and general aviation and flying in the Townsville region and its environs;

(2)   Promoting interests in recreational and general aviation in all of its forms including but not limited to;

a.       establishing and maintaining facilities and equipment for same;

b.      the advancement of education related to aviation by the teaching and training of persons in the art and science of aviation, in all of its forms, and the operation of all types of flying machines and to the associated enhancement of social and civic citizenry; 

c.       promoting social and recreational activities among the members of the corporation;

d.      providing recreational facilities and a club house for the accommodation of members of the association and their guests;

e.       raising funds for aviation related research;

and other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

The association is of the category of a not-for-profit sporting organisation but which also carries out its good works for the specific and focused benefit of society.  It is an important object of the association that upon dissolution the association is required to distribute its remaining assets to other charities or like organisations, not to its members.

Become a Member

Townsville's own community aviation organisation

          • ORDINARY MEMBER $55.00
            SOCIAL MEMBER (non-voting) $25.00
            JUNIOR FLYING MEMBER (non-voting) $25.00
            JUNIOR NON-FLYING MEMBER (non-voting) $15.00
            FAMILY (INCL. ONE ORD MEMBER) $100.00
            CORPORATE MEMBER (up to 3 employees) $145.00
            CORPORATE MEMBER (3 to 10 employees) $500.00
            CORPORATE MEMBER (10 to 30 employees) $900.00
            CORPORATE MEMBER (30 or more) $1,500.00


        • • A three year renewal can be taken out at 2.5 times the appropriate subscription.

To become a member, please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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