Townsville Flyers Inc.



Grumman Tiger for hire to Townsville pilots

·  Aircraft based at Donnington YDOP

·  VH-RTZ Cruises 120 kt on 36 Lph (2400 rpm). 

·  Is IFR equipped but Inst ADs not current so NVFR. 

·  Currently 'spats off' as operating off grass airstrip.

This is aircraft only, dry hire $110 per hour

·  Hirer pays landing, parking (other than YDOP), fuel etc.

· YDOP landing charges apply @ $5 per day, no limits on ops in one day

·  Pilot requirements.  Min 200 Hrs. 

·  Type check by Graeme Atchinson from Cleveland Bay Aviation.

Enquiries Dr Andrew Kerans 0439 209 250


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Club Captain's Column

Mareeba Flyin

Don't we all love this winter weather up here in tropical Townsville. Clear skies and fair winds beckoned the intrepid aviators from Townsville Fliers to make the trip to Mareeba for the annual Warbirds Airshow on Sunday 18 August.

Attending the event were, fighter ace pilot Alan Middleton and his real life nose art princess Janet deciding to debut their very own warbird, a KR-2 Mustang which certainly looks the piece with its recent paint job.
Bounding across country was David Henry accompanied by Stuart Reardon in the colourful yellow kangaROO.
Actually RRO is the rego for his Cherokee 140.

At only 70kts airspeed I needed a head start so Graham Schoorl and I took the Tiger Moth up the day before, seeing two mother whales and calves on the way as well as a giant manta ray. Graham's partner Rally driver Pattie drove up in her Subaru WRX sti capable of outpacing all motor cars on the road that day and even some aeroplanes. Strapped in as co pilot, was my partner precious Rubie. If you need brilliant photos of your aeroplane then look no further than our very own member Leroy who also drove up with his wife Maho recording the event on "film" capturing the WW2 P40 Kittyhawk and Harvard put through their paces. Also enthrilling the crowd were the T28 Trojan, a pair of Nanchangs, a Wingeel and crazy aerobatics by Andrew Biggs in his orange Pitts Special. Another high performance stunt plane like an Extra pulled the G's too. Bringing back memories of my time spent as a co pilot on DC-3 Dakotas, I discussed with David Henry what it was like to fly these old classic tailwheel airliners as the Mareeba Warbirds C-47 Dakota belched smoke and backfired as the crew started its engines.
All in all a very good airshow which entertained car buffs as well, with a huge collection of vintage cars, sports cars, classic Cadillacs and motorcycles.
The aviation restoration team opened up the Warbirds Museum, and wait for it, yes the WW2 Vought Corsair called "whispering death" by the Japanese is planned to fly in 2015. I found the museum so interesting that I plan to spend a whole day there next time I visit the Tablelands on a Sunday.
Planned for the future is a Special Gathering of Aviators !! This means you can enjoy over a beer or spirit watching a couple of classic aviation movies at "The Base" and do some bar flying enjoying each others company. Also a fun flying day with activities you've never done before ie; aerial golf and watching Baron von Atchi attempt to cut the bog roll !! A BBQ will follow.
Watch this space for dates and tell your friends to come because it's different to the usual ho hum of civvy street.