Townsville Flyers Inc.



Grumman Tiger for hire to Townsville pilots

·  Aircraft based at Donnington YDOP

·  VH-RTZ Cruises 120 kt on 36 Lph (2400 rpm). 

·  Is IFR equipped but Inst ADs not current so NVFR. 

·  Currently 'spats off' as operating off grass airstrip.

This is aircraft only, dry hire $110 per hour

·  Hirer pays landing, parking (other than YDOP), fuel etc.

· YDOP landing charges apply @ $5 per day, no limits on ops in one day

·  Pilot requirements.  Min 200 Hrs. 

·  Type check by Graeme Atchinson from Cleveland Bay Aviation.

Enquiries Dr Andrew Kerans 0439 209 250


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Contaminated Fuel

You know one thing that can really ruin your day is when your engine loses power.
Fuel contamination from whatever source is best discovered before you rock, push, move or start up your aeroplane to taxy it to the gas pumps. Seriously the less movement the better chances you have of removing water contamination, whatever that has settled in your fuel sumps. So do your drains first up. Squirting fuel, or any kind of motion of your a/c can cause movement of settled water and therefore not all the contamination will be collected when you do your fuel drain after refueling. Yes, I am advocating two drains, the all important all sumps first then after filling wait as long as practicable and then do only the those tanks you filled.
If you want, you could save the fuel drained and put it in an old oil bottle and use it for cleaning purposes.
Safe and happy flying.